5 Attributes that every successful CrossFitter needs


We strongly believe in Teamwork and we have seen those who prioritise supporting other members develop a great attitude towards training. On top of that, when you get behind other members they will get behind you when you have those last few reps to knock out.


If you watch the most successful CrossFitters like Rich Froning competing, you will notice that he supports other competitors after he is finished. He doesn’t walk off, he doesn’t sit on the floor by himself, he encourages his team mates to push harder to finish stronger and better.





A good CrossFitter is focussed on their weaknesses and overcoming them. They don’t just post a score when they do well or when they beat others, they post all of their results to focus on progression. They get excited about a challenge and they are not scared to be beaten. They enjoy trying new things and get motivated to improve daily rather than being discouraged by a setback.





Rain hail or shine you see this badass turn up to the gym. They don’t complain about workouts (not too much anyway) and they see challenging workouts as their opportunity to get better. They ask for advice from the coach on how to manage the work and how to get the most out of the workout. They see the cold, heat, rain, snow, dark as extra challenges to strengthen their resolve to change their lives.





Getting  the right fuel, sleep and technique is a CrossFitters best friend. The athlete who warms up a little more and cools down a little more performs better. Throwing weights around and huffing and puffing is sexy and fun for everyone. The CrossFitter who works on recovering and looking after themselves outside of the gym gets the best and lasting results. If you look at your body and mind like a machine that can produce amazing results, you will look after it. Like any machine, it must be maintained, cleaned, serviced and checked consistently to achieve maximum performance.





This is the most important aspect of a CrossFitters success. If you remain consistent and follow the first four points you WILL succeed and get results. Getting angry, sulking that you didn’t get a PB or getting down on yourself will get you nowhere fast. True Greatness and success comes from a great attitude. We have all seen the videos of people in wheelchairs training, people with no arms pushing the limits and the one thing those athletes have in common is a great attitude. If they let their disabilities affect their perception of who they are and who they can become we would never see those videos.


So learn to inspire yourself. Seek the challenges where others give up. Try something new and learn to enjoy the process. Your attitude combined with great training at CrossFit TRG will lead to Greatness and you will change your life forever and have a lasting positive impact on those around.


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